‘Against’ Ryu, Texas is a total disaster, losing its last six games… Scherzer collapsed for seven runs in three innings in his last start

Correspondent Lee Sang-hee] The fall of Major League Texas is unusual. Ryu Hyun-jin (36, Toronto) will start on the 13th (Korea Standard Time), the second game, and he will play four consecutive games against Toronto, a wild card rival Toronto this week, drawing attention from domestic fans.

CBS Sports of the U.S. recently said, “Texas, which was powerful enough to run first in the American League (AL) West throughout the season, now even the wild card race seems to be difficult.”

Under the direction of coach Bruce Bochy (68), who took over this season, Texas has raced to the top of the world until last month. However, he was shaken by eight consecutive losses from August 17 to 26, and fell to third place in the district with a 78-64 win rate and a 0.549 win rate as of the 11th. It was three games behind No. 1 Houston, and its plan to advance to the postseason through a district championship is on the verge of failure.

This is not the end. Texas is also fourth behind Tampa Bay, Toronto, and Seattle in the American League wild card race given to three teams. If the season ends as it is, Texas is likely to see its dream of autumn baseball come to nothing seven years after winning the district in 2016. The results of the last 22 games have been 6 wins and 16 losses and a winning rate of only 0.273, showing a “total difficulty.”

CBS Sports first cited the bullpen as the reason for Texas’ sudden fall.

The media said, “The recent arson committed by the Texas bullpen suits the word ‘disaster’ so well,” adding, “Texas is leading eight games out of four wins and 15 losses (August 19 to September 9), allowing a turnaround after the seventh inning.” “Three of these games were won by just one point in a row,” he pointed out.

“Texas’ bullpen has not been outstanding in the season. In the first half, however, the league averaged. But it got worse in the second half. In particular, it was even more so when Aroldis Chapman (35), a closer (of 320 saves in Tongsan), who was recruited in early July, joined the team. “

Chapman has pitched 23⅔ innings in 24 games since moving to Texas, recording 1 win, 2 losses, 5 holds, 3 saves, and a 3.04 ERA. The media pointed out that his superficial performance does not look bad, but he is not playing his role in the decisive moment when he is about to win, as he blew three times in six save chances.

The starting rotation, which has not played its role in the past 4 wins and 15 losses, has also been under fire. The media said, “During this period, the Texas starter failed to prevent an average of five innings. The starting pitchers’ ERA was also sluggish at 5.54, he said. “Even in that situation, there were many games that took the lead in the early and mid-game with the help of the batters, but they failed to keep it until the end. “It’s because the bullpen collapsed easily,” he diagnosed.

Starting pitcher Max Scherzer (39), who left the New York Mets and joined Texas through a trade, also allowed as many as seven runs in just three innings against Houston in his most recent appearance on the 7th.온라인카지노

Scherzer, who won 213 games in his career, said in an interview with the media, “I hope all the team members will have time to sit in front of the mirror and look at themselves and say, ‘I can do better than I do now.’ Such efforts make a difference in the results, he said. “I hope all the team members play their roles a little better than they do now.” Scherzer is expected to be a starting pitcher for Texas on the 13th and will face Ryu Hyun-jin.

The cool wind that signals autumn and the cooled batting line were also pointed out as a problem.

Texas’ average score per game (5.47 points) is still strong enough to rank third in the league. The problem is that their offense slowed down in August, and it got worse in September.

The media said, “Texas averaged 6.36 points per game in April. It scored 6.22 points in May and 5.19 points in June. “It was 5.13 points in July, but it fell to 4.78 in August, and it worsened to an average of four points per game in September.”

In an interview with Major League website MLB.com , Bochy said, “It would be nice if our team’s scoring ability would be like in May and June, but what can we do. If there are good times, there are bad times. This is also part of the game, and we have to solve it,” he said.

What is comforting is that the main shortstop Corey Seager (29) is playing his role well. Seager has played 99 games despite difficulties in hamstring and thumb injuries this season, batting 0.336 (134 hits in 399 at-bats), 30 home runs and 87 RBIs. The combined OPS of the on-base percentage and slugging percentage is 1.050.

The media said, “Still, there is still a chance for Texas to advance to the postseason,” adding, “The results of the remaining games with rival teams competing in the wild card race are very important.”

Starting with four consecutive away games against Toronto on the 12th, Texas will play three consecutive games against Cleveland (away), Boston (home), Seattle (home), and LA Angels (away), and end the regular season with four consecutive away games against Seattle from the 29th. In particular, the results of the match against Toronto, ranked second in the league’s wild card race, and Seattle, ranked third, are important.

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