AG recommendation → only first-team camp rookie → opening entry candidate → selection candidate. The increasingly upgraded 150km sidearm rookie “I’m confused”

He was upgraded to a selection candidate before he knew it.

LG Twins coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said in an interview with reporters after arriving at Incheon International Airport on the 6th, “I’m also considering a starting candidate.”

Park Myeong-geun is a rookie pitcher who was selected in the third round after graduating from Raon High School. Even with a small height of 1m74, he raised expectations as a bullpen agent following Jung Woo-young as a sidearm pitcher with a fast ball that spreads up to 150km.

Coach Yeom once recommended Park Myeong-geun, a senior at Raon High School, to the national team to coach Joong-il Ryu of the Asian Games national team when he was the technical chairman of the KBO last year. He was a fast-ball pitcher with stable control and aggressive pitching. And as he became the manager of LG, he developed a bond with Park Myeong-geun.

Park Myung-geun was the only rookie to participate in this Arizona camp. As coach Yeom started the camp, he did not hide his anticipation for Park Myung-geun, saying, “I am thinking of entering the opening game as well.” Initially, it seemed that he would be used as a midfielder even if he played in the first team, but during the month-long camp, Director Yeom’s evaluation of Park Myung-geun was even higher. now a candidate for selection.

For LG, Casey Kelly and Adam Plutko will be in charge of the 1st and 2nd picks, and Kim Yun-sik and Lee Min-ho will be the 3rd and 4th picks. 5 Selection is a competition. Lim Chan-gyu, who started as a starter until last year, Kim Yoo-young, who came as a reward player from the Lotte Giants, and Kang Hyo-jong, Lee Ji-gang, and Kim Young-jun, who were raised as starting agents, are competing. This is where Park Myeong-geun was added. Positions, including the 5 starters, will be confirmed through a practice game against NC Dinos on the 11th and an exhibition game starting on the 13th.

When Park Myung-geun said that Yeom was a starting candidate, he said, “I was afraid that I would go in as a middle pitcher because I am short and sidearm, but I was confused when he said that I was a starting candidate.”

Park Myung-geun’s goal is to enter the first team. He said, “His first goal is to play for a long time in the first team. And if he plays well in the first team, he can become the rookie of the year,” he said carefully about his dream. 온라인바카라

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