‘After Viktor An was eliminated’ Choi Min-jung appeals to SNS at dawn “Seongnam City Hall, please help the players choose the coach they want”

‘Please help the players to be with the manager they want.’

Korean female short track ‘signboard star’ Choi Min-jeong (25) is attracting attention by posting an unusual appeal through her personal SNS regarding her coaching selection for her team, Seongnam City Hall ice team. 토토사이트

On her 31st, Choi Min-jung wrote on her own Instagram, ‘Hello. I am Choi Min-jung, a short track athlete at Seongnam City Hall,’ and she commented, ‘We are currently in the process of openly hiring a coach at Seongnam City Hall. After all, it is the players who run the game. Help the players get with the manager they want,’ she wrote.

In addition, Choi Min-jung posted a ‘player position statement on coach recruitment’ signed by a teammate. In the statement, “We know that the ice skating department is an open recruitment process with both coaches and directors vacant. I think this coach selection process should be done fairly and transparently, not by outside influence.” In order to lead such a great team, I think that a coach with the best coaching and managerial experience, the most competent, and communicative coach should come,’ he said, asking the person in charge for help.

Earlier, on December 19 last year, Seongnam City posted a recruitment notice to select a coach for the ice team. In this process, Viktroan (Korean name Ahn Hyeon-soo), who was a naturalized Russian citizen after the team was disbanded in 2011 after working at Seongnam City Hall, applied. After becoming a member of the Russian national team, he won three gold medals at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Afterwards, he served as a coach for the Chinese national team at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Victor Ahn, who caused a lot of noise at the time of his naturalization, tried to return to Korea through Seongnam City Hall, but was not selected as a finalist. A total of seven applicants are known, including Viktor Ahn and former coach Kim Seon-tae, who led the Chinese national team in the Beijing competition. It is known that former director Kim was also not included in the final nominations. Amidst speculation about the application process of Victor Ahn and former coach Kim, Choi Min-jung, who is considered the best short-track speed skating star in Korea for both men and women, is attracting attention by leaving an appeal on social media at the dawn of the 31st, when the Seongnam City ice team coach selection results are announced.

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