Advice to super rookies “There is no player greater than the team”

“There is no player greater than the team.” 슬롯사이트

‘Super rookie’ Kim Seo-hyun (19, Hanwha) is subject to disciplinary action. An official from Hanwha said on the 8th, “Kim Seo-hyun is excluded from group training for three days (excluding rest days) and has time for self-reflection. He also imposes fines according to the rules of the bylaws.” Hanwha is conducting a spring camp in Mesa, Arizona, USA. Hanwha coach Carlos Subero said, “I want to say that there is no player greater than the team. He explained that he decided to take this punishment after discussing it with the front desk in the hope that the young player would learn and realize something through this mistake.”

Attitude issues arose. Recently, an SNS post that appears to be Kim Seo-hyun’s sub-account has spread around baseball-related communities. The text, which seemed to have been written around January, contained content expressing strong dissatisfaction with the direction of the coach’s guidance and fans’ reaction to the uniform number. At the time, Kim Seo-hyun was digesting the club program at the 2nd Army training ground in Seosan, Chungcheongnam-do. As the controversy grew, the club confirmed the truth through interviews with the players. Kim Seo-hyun admitted that he wrote it at this meeting.

Kim Seo-hyun, who graduated from Seoul High School, is attracting attention as a big rookie. He wore a Hanwha uniform with the first overall pick in the 2023 rookie draft. The potential is so great that Hanwha received a down payment of 500 million won. It was the third-largest contract for a rookie in the club’s history. At the 30th World Youth Baseball Championship (U-18 Baseball World Cup) held last year, he surprised everyone by throwing a fastball of about 163 km. In his first bullpen pitching on the 6th, he showed a fastball that reached a maximum distance of 151km even using only 70 to 75% of his strength.

He is 19 years old and has just entered social life. A lot of it must have felt unfamiliar and difficult. You may have thought of posting on social media as a complaint in a private space. The important thing is that you have to think deeply about your ‘responsibility as a professional player’. Gone are the days when everything was forgiven with one skill. Being young is no exception. Many promising players have been hit by the arrow of criticism for careless words and actions. Everyone makes mistakes. I hope you use it as an opportunity to reflect and become more mature.

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