“Able to run 40m” Thanks to Kim Min-jae’s ability, Napoli play in the opponent’s camp

Kim Min-jae (26) is the nucleus of the SSC Napoli blast.

SSC Napoli won 5-1 in a match against Juventus FC in the 18th round of Italian Serie A in the 2022/23 season held at Stadio Diego Armando Maradona in Naples, Campania, Italy on the 14th (Korean time). Napoli managed to win 2 league games in a row, while Juventus failed to win 9 games in a row.

The match was a match between the 1st and 2nd place teams in the league with a 7-point difference. The rivalry between the teams representing southern and northern Italy was also significant. It was a game that both teams had to win unconditionally. Napoli dominated and won this important match.

On the same day, coach Spalletti praised the two center backs, Kim Min-jae and Amir Rahmani, in a post-game interview with global media DAZN. He said, “We have to own the ball. If we don’t, there comes a time when we lose the competition, just like in a conceded situation. We (play well while holding the ball), that’s our DNA.”

“In that respect, we have center backs who play well in the open space (with an advantage). Even in the case of Kim Min-jae and Rahmani (who played today), they are not afraid to leave 30 to 40 m space behind them. “There are times when we have to chase, and sometimes we have to bring the whole team together, but our basic attitude is this (take the risk, try to get the ball). If we lose the ball, we press and try to get it back.”

As Spalletti said, Napoli play aggressive football. Aggressive even when defending. Even if you have to leave space behind, you will immediately apply mad pressure.

Because of this, if Napoli succeeds in pressing, they can immediately start attacking in the opposing camp. It is self-evident that it is easy to score if you are close to the goal. As of the 14th, Napoli is running at the top of the league with 44 points, not only because of the quality of their strikers, but also because of their high line. 토토사이트

Raising the line, of course, brings an advantage on offense, but a risk on defense. As Spalletti said earlier, the back space is enormously exposed. According to the International Football Federation (FIFA) standard, the distance from the end of the center circle to the goal line is about 40m, so Napoli raises the line almost to the half line.

So, what kind of risk are you taking? If the fast striker breaks down the space behind, he will concede. The vast space becomes a stage for attackers with good speed.

However, Naples has an existence called Kim Min-jae. He not only cuts the ball off with good press, but also chases forwards who run into the space behind him with a semi-foot. Therefore, Napoli takes the advantage of raising the line and minimizes the disadvantage. With Kim Min-jae’s presence, Napoli are benefiting enormously.

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