A multi player reminiscent of Saladino has appeared in Samsung

Tyler Saladino, a foreign hitter who played for Samsung in 2020, was a multi-player who could play all positions, from infield to outfield. He did his part no matter where he was placed.

A multi player reminiscent of Saladino has appeared in Samsung. The main character is Kang Joon-seo, a rookie college graduate. Kang Jun-seo, who joined Samsung this season after graduating from Busan Technical High School and Dong-eui University, recorded a batting average of .

He made his name known to baseball fans by intimidating the strongest monsters members with accurate hitting and quick feet as the lead off of Dong-eui University in the JTBC baseball entertainment program ‘Strongest Baseball’. 토토사이트

Kang Jun-seo, who prepared this season at Futures Camp, joined the first-team camp on the 11th. Director Park Jin-man said, “I know baseball and I do it. He was told that his senses were very good. When he was in school, he played as an infielder, but he is a highly valued player who can play in the outfield as a pro.”

He also said, “Among the four days of training at Futures Camp, I trained as an infielder for three days and an outfielder for one day. He was called up to the first team to see firsthand what it looked like. He will gain experience from a player’s point of view and will be a good motivator,” he added.

Kang Jun-seo’s face was full of smiles when he was called to the first group. He said, “It feels good. It’s amazing to run with the seniors I’ve seen on TV since I was young, and it’s nice to see and learn.”

Kang Joon-seo, whose hometown is Busan, said, “It is the most nice to meet senior Kang Min-ho among the seniors in the first team. He grew up watching senior Kang Min-ho play from an early age, and he wants to learn a lot of senior batting skills.”

Kang Jun-seo can handle both the infield and the outfield. An official from the club said, “He is an all-weather player who can do anything except pitcher and catcher.” In response, Kang Jun-seo expressed a strong desire, saying, “I can play both infield and outfield, as well as pitcher and catcher if you ask me to.”

He said, “I am confident in my contact skills. He introduced his strength, saying, “The base base sense that penetrates the opponent’s loopholes is also one of my strengths.” He has always done it, so I think he should just do what he normally does.

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