A ‘0.1 second’ game…a miracle tip: the buzzer beater

< Miami Heat 103:104 Boston Celtics|National Basketball Association (NBA) >

Just before the end of the fourth quarter, Miami’s Butler draws a foul on Al Horford while attempting a shot from outside the 3-point line.

All three free throws go in at the rim, giving Miami the lead with three seconds left in regulation.

I thought this was the end of the game, but it wasn’t over until it was over.

Marcus Smart takes a difficult three-point shot on the inbounds pass.

As the ball hits the rim and bounces off, Derrick White jumps up and scores a dramatic tip-in.

[Local replay: the buzzer sounded, the lights came on, I’ll have to watch it again].

But the ball left White’s hand with 0.1 seconds left in the game.

In basketball, it’s the time the ball left his hand that counts, not whether it went through the rim.

The tip-in buzzer-beater was a miraculous comeback for White, who started as the starting guard and scored just nine points.

Miami, on the other hand, was unable to control the momentum throughout the game, despite being at home.

They were down by 13 points at one point in the third quarter. Caleb Martin had a “breakout performance” with 21 points 먹튀검증 and 15 rebounds, but they fizzled in the final minutes.

Boston has won three straight after losing three in a row.

No team in the history of the National Basketball Association has ever fallen behind 0-3 and then gone on to win the series 4-3.

Because of this, there was a lot of speculation that Boston, which dropped Games 1, 2, and 3, would not be able to advance to the championship game.

The East champion will be decided on April 30 at home in Boston.

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