‘1W7L→8WT’ Dumping $7.4M and replacing it with a fast pitcher for $450K is a huge success story [SC Focus].

Will there be such a successful case of replacing a foreign pitcher?

KT Wiz’s re-recruitment of William 토토사이트 Cuevas is becoming an all-time success story. Cuevas, who led KT to victory in the 2021 season and earned the glorious nickname of “winning pitcher,” had to leave the team last year due to an elbow injury after throwing only one game. KT contemplated whether to re-sign with Cuevas after the last season, but due to concerns about his injury, he signed Boschul Seo instead of Cuevas for a total of $740,000.

The first two games were good. On April 11, he recorded a quality start plus with 4 hits and 1 run in 7 innings against Changwon NC. Unfortunately, the team lost 0-1, so Schulser’s first appearance was a loss. However, on April 16, his second match against the Suwon Hanwha Eagles, he reported his first win in his debut with a quality start for two consecutive games with a good pitch of 4 hits and no runs in 6 innings.

A quick first win is good mentally for a foreign pitcher who came to Korea for the first time. With good pitching and his first win in two games, it seemed that he would be able to win and win in the future.

It wasn’t.

After that, Schulser’s pitching got worse and worse. At the same time, the team also suffered losses. His fastball was powerful, but the problem was that he tried to throw more breaking balls than fastballs. Lack of self-confidence.

On May 23, he recorded a quality start in 6 games after his first win with 6 hits and 2 runs in 6⅓ innings against Suwon Kiwoom, but became a losing pitcher again, and on May 28, he collapsed with 8 hits and 6 runs in 3⅓ innings against Daegu Samsung. 2nd day the next day.

Usually, clubs send sluggish foreign pitchers to the second team to improve their condition, and then give them a last chance to pitch to confirm their potential.

KT was different. KT, who kept checking how Cuevas pitched in the United States, made a quick decision when he heard that other clubs were also considering signing Cuevas. On June 9, he parted ways with Schulser and announced the signing of Cuevas. After going down to the 2nd group, Schulser could not come back to the 1st group.

Shulser appeared in 9 games and left Korea with 1 win and 7 losses and an average ERA of 5.62.

Cuevas made his first appearance eight days after signing his contract. On June 17, he gave up 5 hits and 3 runs in 4⅔ innings against Suwon Samsung. Team wins 6-5.

Cuevas, who won his first win with 4 hits and 1 run in 6 innings against Gwangju KIA on June 23, his second appearance, collapsed twice, but showed a sense of stability. It peaked in August. On the 2nd, we had a QS+ march from the match against Suwon SSG Landers. On the 27th, against Busan Lotte, he allowed 6 hits and 1 run in 8 innings. Pitching 8 innings for the first time this season. The team won 2-1 and Cuevas took his 8th win.

In 5 games in August, he recorded 5 wins, 0 losses and an average ERA of 0.50.

In 9 games played by Schulser, KT only recorded 1 win and 8 losses, but in 12 games with Cuevas, it recorded 10 wins and 2 losses. Indeed, the formula of ‘Quevas = Victory’ was created.

With the arrival of Cuevas, the entire starting lineup has found stability. Now that the first starter has come, the other pitchers are pushed one by one, but that eases the burden. Wes Benjamin, who tried to throw too well as a first starter but it backfired, returned to his good form last year after Cuevas came. In July, he went 0-0 with a ERA of 1.67 and was nominated for MVP in July.

Domestic pitchers such as Koh Young-pyo, Eom Sang-baek, and Bae Seong-seong have also improved their sense of stability.

On June 8, the day before Cuevas’ recruitment was announced, KT’s performance was 8th with 21 wins, 2 draws and 30 losses. The winning margin was ‘-9’.

With the victory over Lotte on the 27th, KT is in second place with 62 wins, 2 draws and 47 losses. The margin of victory is ‘+15’.

It cost $450,000 to re-recruit Cuevas. Cuevas is fulfilling the role of an ace to the extent that it is said that he has already paid for it.

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