138km, not 158km, the harvest from Hanwha’s victory over the Netherlands

The Hanwha Eagles won a major victory over the Dutch national team participating in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC).

On the 22nd (Korean time), in an evaluation match against the Netherlands held at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, Hanwha won a big 15-4 victory thanks to Noh Si-hwan’s home run.

In the first practice game against the Netherlands on the 19th, Hanwha, who won 4-1 with starter Moon Dong-ju’s 1.1 scoreless innings, won two consecutive victories against the Netherlands in two warm-up matches. 메이저사이트

The bat of Noh Si-hwan, the main third baseman and center hitter, spewed fire. Noh Si-hwan made a big success with 2 at-bats, 1 hit, 1 home run, 1 walk, 2 RBIs and 2 points. At the beginning of the first inning, with the score 0-0, he fired a superior two-run gun from opponent starter right-hander JC Seolbaran in the situation of first base. In addition to Roh Si-hwan, Hanwha starting pitchers such as Chae Eun-seong (2 at-bats, 1 hit), Kim In-hwan (2 at-bats, 1 RBI), and Heo Gwan-hoe (3 at-bats, 2 RBIs) performed well.

In the Netherlands, Vladimir Valentin, who recorded the most home runs (60) in a single season in Japanese professional baseball, and Roger Bernardina, who led the KIA Tigers to the KBO League combined championship in 2017, were the main players of the batting line.

Jonathan Scoop, who is currently playing for the Detroit Tigers in the major leagues, and Didi Gregorius, a veteran infielder who has played in 1077 major league games, also participated.

The Netherlands is a strong team that has reached the semifinals twice in a row at the WBC in 2013 and 2017. In both competitions, they have won against Korea.

Hanwha has been able to gain confidence through two consecutive victories against the Netherlands. It was a game that could prove that the preparations had not been wrong so far.

In particular, Jang Min-jae’s share was large.

Jang Min-jae is a pitcher who is highly praised by coach Subero for being “capable of starting the opening game.” On this day, he showed a stable pitch and gave hope to the team.

On the mound, starting foreign pitcher Felix Pena recorded 2 hits, 2 hits and 1 run in 2 innings. The highest speed was 152 km, drawing attention.

But more important was Jang Min-jae. Jang Min-jae did his part, recording 3 hits, 3 strikeouts and 1 run in 2 innings.

There were a lot of hits, but if you play head-to-head against opponents you don’t know well, you can get quite a few hits.

But the important thing is that no walks were recorded. It was a part where we could get a glimpse of Jang Min-jae’s stable control once again.

Restraint was also important to him.

Jang Min-jae threw a fast ball with a maximum of 138 km and an average of 136 km that day. He was almost at the same level of velocity as he was during the season. He was already a glimpse into the season mode he was entering.

Jang Min-jae recorded a maximum of 136 km in live betting three days ago. Within three days, he had sprinted the engine, pulling another 2km.

Jang Min-jae played the part of the team’s native ace last year. He threw his ball without much ups and downs throughout the year.

We need that kind of performance this season as well. It can be said that securing a starting pitcher with a sense of stability is very important for Hanwha to make another leap forward. Jang Min-jae is a pitcher who can do just that.

He is not even 158 km, this is why the 138 km taken at this time was more important.

For Hanwha, Jang Min-jae’s good fight, which is more meaningful than two consecutive victories against the Netherlands, has become a great income.

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